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Führungskräfteentwicklung für nachhaltigen Erfolg. True Leadership, Leadership Training für Führungskräfte mit Weitblick, mit Sitz in Zürich.

The greater Context

I support you in addressing dimensions beyond your organisation and in benefitting from their potential regarding motivation, reputation, and economic success.


A good company cares about the consequences of it's behavior on people, society, politics, and the environment. As the foundation Global Values Alliance puts it, "They work sucessfully in the global market place, create value added for local communities, employ sustainable production patterns in the local and global environment, respect the norms of the international community, are politically neutral, and culturally respectful."


Companies that take a leading role in these areas and display "Leadership Beyond", will acquire a reputation which will attract the best employees and earn them the respect of their stakeholders. On this basis it will be possible to permanently take a leading role in the market place and in society.


Such organisations will be among the truly admired companies.


Leadership Beyond has to be fostered constantly. The best organisations are aware of that, and they purposefully invest time to do so.

  • Sparring of Leadership teams helps to install a routine that makes sure that these topics are not pushed into the background.
  • In TL Development Circles® Leadership Beyond can be kept a vital subject both on the individual level and on the level of the organisation.
  • Retreats can provide the needed concentration for finding clarity about fundamental topics of Leadership Beyond.


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