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Agility De-mystified: Inspiring Collaboration

I support you in developing internal cooperation to the next level and thus dramatically increase the efficiency of your organization.


A few lead, and many others have to follow – that's not how things work today. This model is too clumsy for today's requirements in the market place. Today leaders depend on employees who will in large parts lead themselves and each other, and more and more listening becomes the most precious skill of leaders.


Employees, no matter in which department or an organisation or at which level of hierarchy are called to assume co-responsibility for succesful collaboration and to give impulses in all directions so that the organisation as a whole can grow and develop. For management this means to be ready, with no reservation, to distribute Leadership and thus to let go of some of the control they were used to have.


Each person in an organisation who is able to lead laterally can become an inspiration for the company, carry and spread an attitude of integrity, and thus grow with the organisation. When this becomes reality, you experience vital and inspiring collaboration and true Lateral Leadership.

I support my customers in taking internal collaboration to the next level by Lateral Leadership.


Agility isn't that complicated. In essence, agility is about redistributing leadership, decision-making and responsibility in a new and broader way. The effects on mindset, demands on personal competence, role perception and structural conditions are complicated. My approach: You test principles of agility, empowerment and self-organisation in small doses. This generates cultural impulses. Once you have digested and integrated these, the next step follows. The result is a transformation without overwhelming strain and a momentum that can pick up speed quickly.


Building Lateral Leadership skills is a process, so you need process-oriented formats:

  • Action Learning allows you to establish a learning structure parallel and closely linked to the operative work. This learning structure allows participants to reflect their collaboration in the process of doing "normal" work.
  • TL Development Circles® provide a room for reflection where participants can share their experience with Lateral Leadership and their learnings. Doing so they continually deepen their individual knowledge and skills and carry Lateral Leadership into the organisation.
  • Change Sparring will support steering committees and leadership teams in leading change in such a way that Lateral Leadership can be fully effective.
  • Process Support helps to improve collaborational culture – be it in situations of conflict or on the road from good to great.
  • Team Coaching and Agile Coaching helps teams to cope with the potential overload that Agile working methods can bring with them.


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