We don't need more Managers. We need more Leaders.

Leadership Trainer for True Leadership, based in Zurich.

The Quality of Leadership will decide upon the future of your organisation. We need Leadership at a new level, distributed throughout the organisation, acting in all directions, characterized by prudence and integrity.


Today's megatrends – digitalization, technological and social change – only enforce this fact: this kind of change is only feasible with True Leadership.


The top issues today are innovation, ability to change, coping with complexity, sustainable behavior, and integrity of the Leaders. In these areas an organisation can make the crucial difference in the market and relating to it's stakeholders. The magnitude of this difference will be determined by the quality of Leadership and Collaboration.


In this field I want to make a positive contribution by supporting organisations in developping the manifold aspects of True Leadership.

Change Leadership: Leadership Coaching for Change Leaders, based in Zurich

Change Leadership

Dance with the System: Create a momentum and a movement that makes fundamental change possible.

Lateral Leadership for dynamic Collaboration: Leadership Training not just for line managers. Based in Zurich.

Lateral Leadership

Agility de-mystified: Distribute Leadership, create vital collaboration, and an agile way of working.

True Leadership: Leadership Development for Companies that will attract the Best. Based in Zurich.

Corporate Leadership

Design structures that unleash potentials. Turn your organisation into an inspiring place.

Leadership Training for line managers: True Leadership, Zurich.

Vertical Leadership

Be convincing as a person of Leadership. It's not about orders. It's about unleashing  potential.

Leadership for the future: Leadership Expert in Zurich.

Leadership Beyond

Widen your perspective: companies obliged to the larger frame of the common good will attract the best.

Personal Mastery: Leadership Coaching for future Leaders. Based in Zurich.

The Source of Leadership

Personal Mastery: Who are you? If you can answer this question, you can be inspiring as a Leader.


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