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Personal Mastery: Leadership Coaching für wahre Leader. True Leadership, Leadership Entwicklung und Training mit Sitz in Zürich.

The greatest Treasure

I support you in growing as a person and finding answers to essential Leadership questions.


Your success as a Leader strongly depends on your personal maturity. The larger the scope of your responsibility, the less you can influence directly. Therefore in a leadership position you need employees to voluntarily decide to follow you. They will only do that if you can convince them on a personal level. Intrinsically motivated employees are worth more than all compliance programmes.


This gives dimensions like integrity, prudence, respect, wisdom, compassion and maturity as a human being a crucial significance. To be able to radiate these qualities you have to have solved important issues for yourself and stand on a solid and grown foundation.


The word person originates from "per-sonare", "sound through". Your person is all that sounds through you. This is what touches and moves other people. That's why you as a person are your greatest asset and treasure. Invest in your personal growth – it is the most rewarding investment you can make.


I work with people who see the importance of personal growth in the business context and are motivated to work on themselves. This happens in various settings:

  • Individual Leadership Coaching provides a confidential space for reflection and is a highly efficient setting when it comes to working on profound dimensions of personal growth.
  • In retreats participants can dive into an intensive process of self-awareness in a group and develop their ability for relationship building, mindfulness, and self regulation. Follow-up Sessions make sure that the learnings can be integrated into everyday life.
  • In TL Development Circles® trustful relationships are built, as a basis for reflection of one's own behavior. In this process participants grow within and as a group. This creates powerful networks, internally or as a mixed peer group.


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