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My favorite feedback is "makes pretty much sense to me". I give you relevant impulses that you can try and test right away. In my work I stay as close to  real life as possible. In my methodology I have a resolute orientation toward plausibility and pracitcal relevance.


Once doesn't count  – almost always. Selective interventions can make sense, but they struggle to leave serious traces in daily routine. Every change is a process. For this reason I always offer a follow-up structure even after selective interventions, to keep up the momentum.


There are always surprises,that's just the normal course of things. If you are ready to adapt topics and goals in the process, you can benefit from the rich information that every change process constantly provides. Rolling planning steps make sure that the full insights from the previous steps are available for you at any given point.

Leadership Entwicklung durch Development Circles. True Leadership, Zürich.

TL Development Circles®

Continuous facilitated groups with constant members. The participants decide on the topics. The group becomes a sounding board for personal growth. Kowledge transfer takes place specifically and only when needed. The result is a strong internal network with great radiant power.

Prozessbegleitung bei Konflikten oder um Zusammenarbeit zu entwickeln. True Leadership, Zürich.

Process Support

Often conflicts are an expression of the complexity of the situation where they take place. Process support helps those involved to escape the mental self-reinforcing tendencies and integrate seemingly opposed positions into a "common third" perspective.

Leadership Beratung für erfolgreiche Unternehmen. True Leadership, Zürich.

Action Learning

For supporting projects, change processes, and sustainable development. This format captivates by it's high practical relevance: you do your normal work und at the same time learn about yourself and the organisation. Knowledge transfer takes place specifically when needed.

Change Leadership entwickeln: Leadership Coaching für Change Leader. True Leadership, Zürich.

Change Sparring

Change Leadership will make the difference in change processes. It generates an inner momentum for the involved people and sets change in motion. Supporting steering committees and project teams helps to unleash the power  of this dimension.

Retraiten, Klausuren, Retreats: True Leadership, Zürich.

Retreats, Theory U

Two to five days to work on essential topics: Vision, strategy, personal growth, transformative solutions in complex environments. For individuals, Leadership teams, or mixed teams as microcosms of their organisation. Follow-up structures keep up the momentum.

Persönliche Entwicklung: Leadership Coaching von True Leadership, Zürich.

Individual Leadership Coaching

In borderline situations you are thrown back on your own: your resources, your limits, your temptations, your values. Personal Mastery, knowing yourself and maintaining balance is then called for. A professional and trusted companion can be invaluable in such situations.


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